Risk Management With Your Organization's Best Financial Interests In Mind

25 years of independent actuarial, insurance, risk management, and enterprise risk management experience.
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President and CEO of Bohn Risk Solutions.

Over 25 years of experience in the actuarial, insurance, risk management and ERM fields.

Christopher “Kip” Bohn is an actuarial consultant with twenty-five years of forecasting, reserving, pricing, quantitative modeling, consulting and insurance company expertise. Robust stochastic modeling skills and excellent communication abilities. Strong leadership and teamwork skills. Innovative problem-solving skills. Experience in most industry segments.

Key Skills



Experienced in the development of a multitude of stochastic, deterministic, operational and financial models


Frequently called upon to distill the mechanics and results of complex models to corporate Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers, Risk Managers and Chief Risk Officers


Creativity & Innovation

Developed models around P&C risk, supply chain risk, cyber risk, and multiple other insurable and non-insurable risks

Leadership & Teamwork

Led Aon’s Cyber Risk and Towers Watson’s Corporate Enterprise Risk Management practice as well as teams ranging from 1 to 14 colleagues


Project Management

Managed multiple client engagements involving multiple team members

Case Studies

Panama Canal Risk Management
Property and Casualty Insurance Option Review
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.”

-George S. Patton



Loss Reserving

  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Captive insurers
  • Larger self-insured retentions and deductibles

Actuarial Peer Review

  • Reserves
  • Forecasts
  • Pricing

Loss Forecasting

  • Pricing for captives
  • Financial planning
  • Objective/strategy setting


  • Risk assessment
  • Risk reporting
  • Risk appetite and tolerance statements
  • Advanced risk modeling

Risk Adjusted CAPEX

  • Review of financial forecasts
  • Identification of potential risks
  • Integration of risk quantification into financial forecasts
  • Determination of the optimal use of capital from an investment standpoint

Governance Risk and Compliance

  • Review of current GRC systems
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Integration with current and future ERM initiatives


  • Exposure based
  • Loss experienced based
  • Combination
  • Customization such as loss limits for divisions relative to the corporate entity

Large Account Pricing

  • Organization and clean up of historical losses
  • Forecasting of potential future losses
  • Implementation of pricing proposals with underwriters
  • Historical review of the efficiency of pricing and ROE analysis

Complex Risk Stochastic Modeling

  • Many risks are not able to be transferred to the insurance market
  • Organizations need to manage these risks
  • I have built models across most industries to evaluate the risks they face and prioritize their limited risk management capital
  • The answer it not a single figure but the understanding of the volatility of the risks you face